Shopify Plus vs. Magento

Top 5 ERP Solutions That Integrate with Shopify or Magento

Integration of ERP solutions and ecommerce platforms allows merchants to perform specific tasks in one system. Here are the top 5 solutions that integrate with Shopify Plus or Magento!

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a solution to connect numerous business aspects.

For example, manufacturing, product planning and development, marketing, and more.

ERP software provides merchants with great efficiency in managing these processes from one place. ERP can be used to simplify operations and grow efficiency for small and enterprise-level businesses.

There are a few platforms offering ERP integration. Two of those platforms are Shopify Plus and Magento.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 ERP solutions that integrate with Shopify or Magento platform:

#1. SAP ERP: SAP Enterprise Resource Planning solution integrates with both Shopify and Magento. This solution was designed to support enterprises, as well as, small and medium-sized businesses across different industries. Common benefits achieved by integrating Shopify Plus or Magento with SAP are improved employee productivity, enhanced customer service levels, eliminated human error, and more.

#2. NetSuite: A cloud-based solution that provides merchants with accurate data to allow faster decision-making. Merchants that use this ERP solution along with the flexibility and scalability of Shopify Plus and Magento are well positioned on the market.

#3. SAGE: The Sage 100 ERP, as well as, Sage 300 ERP are two best choices one Shopify Plus user might want. SAGE optimize your inventory, ensuring that all order figures are accurate. With your purchase, product management automatically added in the package. Sales functions are also included. These functions support your sales team with inventory counts, transparent pricing data, and more.

#4. Commerce Link: An efficient ERP solution allowing Magento users to sync data with Microsoft Dynamics. This ERP integration solution creates a unified system for channel management by transferring inventory, sales orders, and more in real time.

#5. Microsoft Dynamics: An ERP solution that functions excellently with businesses of all sizes and delivers a completely developed solution for growing companies. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can monitor your performance with reporting features, business intelligence, and more. This solution integrates with both Shopify Plus and Magento.

There you go – the top 5 ERP integration solutions that might benefit your Shopify or Magento store.

Based on your type of business and business needs, choose an ERP solution for your online store (Shopify or Magento).