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The Best Apps to Run Your Online Store in UK: Shopify Plus vs Magento

Looking for a way to improve your online store management while maximizing the earning potential? Look no further and take advantage of the best apps to run your UK-based online store! It is Shopify Plus vs Magento, again!

The best apps found in the Shopify App Store or Magento Marketplace can take your ecommerce to the next level!

High-quality and well-designed apps can make sure that your online store in the UK runs efficiently and effectively.

We’ve researched some of the best apps on the market, to help your UK-based business run as smoothly as possible. Some of these apps are suitable to Shopify sellers while some to Magento merchants.

    • Crieto: A very popular app for dynamic retargeting. With this app, you can recommend the best offer from your product catalog, optimize campaign performance, predict purchase intent, and more. It is excellent for all Shopify store owners.
    • Subuno: One of the best apps for Shopify users looking for a way to prevent online fraud. The apps include important steps to help you make sure you are running a legitimate business. Fraudulent order flagging, fraud detection tools, order validation, and etc. are some of the features this platform offers.
    • Language Translator: Selling online to people from all over the world is incredible. However, language can be a huge obstacle. This app will help you translate your Magento product page, product information, and characteristics into the language of your choice.
    • TaxJar Sales Tax Automator: Let’s face it – sales tax can be difficult to calculate and keep up with. This app will help you estimate the taxes, charge the right amount of taxes to your buyers, sort customers by zip code, and more.

  • Yotpo: One of the best Shopify apps for review. Yotpo doesn’t’ pull in product reviews from customers to your store. Yotpo helps generate those product reviews. The app is free to download. There is a paid version and it offers more benefits such as turning reviews into paid ads and more.
  • Shyp: Shyp has an official partnership with the Shopify platform. Not only does this app provides shipping services to all Shopify Plus customers, but they also update fulfillment statuses, import orders, send tracking details, and etc.
  • MageMob Admin: An app that enables you to take your Magento store on the go. You can manage orders, view detailed sales reports, interact with customers, and more.

Choose a platform that works best for you and your business and download the apps you need!