The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County, Tennessee

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Where we came from and what we do:

The League of Women Voters was established in 1920 to help women, who were only then being allowed to vote, live up to their responsibilites as informed voters. Originally membership was only open to women, but as of 1973 membership was opened to men, and the present name is presumably retained for historical reasons. The League is organized "from the ground up" with groups working at local, state and national levels.

The League exists to educate citizens about major public policy issues; it does not advocate for or against individual candidates or parties but does take positions on policies.

Voter Service and Citizen Education
In keeping with its mission of informing voters, the League holds meetings for local and state candidates to present their views and qualifications to the public, sponsors debates, provides poll watchers during elections and holds meetings where members and the public learn more about government workings and policy issues that affect us all.

Program and Action
The League works for transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in government, and is interested in international relations, conservation of natural resources, and protection of equal rights and opportunity for all.