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What is the League of Women Voters?

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan group, open to men and women alike, working to inform citizens about local, state and national elections and to educate people about public policies that affect them. (Read more about the League of Women Voters.) Our league is part of the grassroots level of the organization, one of the more than 900 state and local Leagues.

Our meetings are listed in the Standard Banner and the Jefferson County Post; they arefree and open to the public--we welcome people interested in a particular topic, or in learning more about us. We currently meet once a month, except during the summer, to learn more about how our government works or about policy issues that affect us locally. Recent meetings covered Voter ID, Obamacare, and PAC impact on politics to list a few subjects. We have a schedule here.

If you are interested in joining the League of Women Voters of Jefferson County, our dues are 60$ per year, which runs from July to July.  Contact Heidi Thomas for more information.

Our current topic of interest is Judicial Selection

The LWVTN priority on Judicial Selection supports adoption and maintenance of a judicial selection process by statute or executive order that includes a nonpartisan body of citizens and members of the bar in the selection and evaluation of appellate judges to ensure an independent, qualified appellate bench in Tennessee, free of undue partisanship and political influence.

LWVTN urges League members across Tennessee to understand and share materials developed by the LWVTN Action Committee about the Tennessee court system, retention elections for the judiciary, and their impact on the August 7, 2014 state and federal primaries and county elections.

The August 7 ballot will include appellate court judges and justices seeking to be retained for another term.

The League at all levels favors fair and impartial courts and the related merit-based, nonpartisan selection of the judiciary and encourages members and voters to become informed and think critically about the role of judges in our constitutional system. It also is important to understand and consider sources of information when preparing to vote. Please use the following links to become a more informed voter and share them widely with your family, friends, neighbors, and communities.

  1. Tennessee Retention Elections Explained
  2. How To Be An Informed Voter
  3. Tennessee Retention Election FAQs
  4. POWER POINT--Tennessee Retention Elections Explained
  5. Judges And Justices On The August 7 Ballot
  6. Find It On The Ballot

Understanding that knowledge, preparation, and exercising our vote give individuals' power, LWVTN encourages informed and active participation of citizens in government.

The League Of Women Voters of Jefferson County is now on Facebook.

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